at Perth Golf Centre

At Perth Golf Centre, you will be treated to the ultimate personal golf club fitting experience, conducted in our state-of-the-art Performance Centre. Golfers will have the opportunity to experience the same club and ball fitting process that the best players in the world rely on to improve their game.

"Professional Golf Club Fitting Just Like the Pros"

With the assistance of Trackman and Capto Technology, our PGA Professionals can measure everything such as ball speed, launch angles, spin rates, dynamic loft, plus carry and total distance for every shot. Not only will you be able to see your results, you will have the data to confirm what you have been fitted for is the best option for your individual swing. With a proper golf club fitting on your side you’ll have the confidence to take your game to the next level.

*Brands vary between Yokine and Joondalup. Please contact us if you require a specific item for fitting prior to your session.

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Full Club Fitting Experience

This extensive process runs over 2.5 hours. We cover all aspects including irons, wedges, hybrids, fairway woods, driver and putter. We review the data from all of your clubs and work towards finding the best set makeup to suit your current parameters and skill level.

Fwy & Hybrid Fitting Experience

Our custom fairway wood and hybrid fitting experience takes you through a range of different options from all of the major manufacturers. We will assess your current clubs and with the help of Trackman technology, find the right combination of head and shaft to ensure you get the best performance and distance gapping from your clubs.

Driver Fitting Experience

Our customised driver fitting sessions takes you through a variety of different heads and shafts from our major manufacturers to ensure you get the correct fit to improve your driving and get your hitting further and straighter. 

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Iron Fitting Experience

Perth Golf Centre has all of the heads from the major manufacturers to utilise during our fitting sessions. We also have countless shaft options to ensure you get the correct head, shaft, length and lie angles on your new set of irons.

Wedge Fitting Experience

Wedge fitting is an art. With all of the different options in bounce and grind angles, which suits your game the best? At Perth Golf Centre we utilise Trackman Technology plus take you on our short game area to ensure you have the correct wedges for your game.  

Putter Fitting Experience

Our putter fitting at Perth Golf Centre utilises Trackman 4 and Capto Technology. We use this technology to assess and analyse your putting stroke. With the extensive putting green situated outside our front door and all the major brands including Odyssey, Ping , Taylormade, Mizuno and Scotty Cameron, we'll get you fitted into the best putter to improve your scores.

Golf Ball Fitting Experience

Our customised Golf Ball Fitting sessions take place in our comfortable indoor studio. We cater for both left and right handed golfers and utilise Trackman 4 Technology to provide data in the fitting process.

Frequently asked questions

What level of golfer requires a club fitting?

Most golfers would benefit from a club fitting, whether it be just for driver or the entire bag it pays to ensure that the clubs you’re using are suited to you. Golfers can be pleasantly surprised when they find that the ball flight or impact issues they’ve been having can be improved with fitted equipment.
When making the booking we will contact you to find out the level of golf you’re at and if a fitting isn’t suited to you, you won’t be charged for the session.

How does club fitting work?

Our club fitting sessions start in 1 hour slots for individual items such as a driver or wedges, up to 2.5 hours for the entire bag. You can make bookings online, email or by phone.
When you arrived, you’ll be asked to fill out a new client form going through details about your golf including handicap (level of golf), shot shape, ball flight and inconsistencies.

Following a static height and arm length measurement, we then set you up in our state-of-the-art studio with Trackman 4 Technology. Our qualified club fitters then gather data from your current clubs and work out a baseline to start the selection process. After determining head design, we will then work on shaft selection and any adjustments to the loft and weight settings (if available).
The club fitters will progress through the clubs being fitted and provide you with a detailed analysis, with prices, of the clubs suited to your game.

Do I have to purchase through Perth Golf Centre?

Our fitting process is designed to ensure that you have the best clubs fitted to improve your game. We will provide you with all of the specification from the fitting and you will be under no obligation to purchase the equipment from us.
However our pricing is always competitive and we will always provide the best follow up service when purchasing from Perth Golf Centre.

Is the fitting fee deducted from the cost of the clubs?

The fitting fee is not deducted as it is in place for the time spent with our qualified and professional club fitters.

After ordering, what is the delivery time frame?

Generally it takes from 5-10 working days to arrive at our facility. This can be reduced or prolonged depending on stock availability external factors such as the COVID-19 Pandemic. We will provide and ETA and also keep you updated if anything changes on the time frame.

Do you store my information on record to purchase at a later date?

Of Course. Firstly, you never have to make a decision on the day to purchase the clubs. If you want to break down the order and only take some items at a time, we are more than happy to arrange that as well. All of your records will be stored on our system for future reference.

Do you provide refunds / exchanges?

During our fitting process, we will strive to provide you with the best service possible to ensure you get the best clubs for your game. If this is not the case, we encourage you to get in touch and we will organise a time for you to come in free of charge to see if there is anything we can do. If a solution can’t be reached we are more than happy to provide a refund within 30 days with all of the items returned in good condition.

How many locations does Perth Golf Centre have?

Currently we have 1 location in Yokine (Perth), Western Australia. The location is around 10 minutes North of the Perth CBD.

What are Perth Golf Centres hours of operation?

We are open 7 days per week with appointment only on Sunday and Monday. Monday - Appointment only Tuesday - 9am to 8pm Wednesday - 9am to 8pm Thursday - 9am to 8pm Friday - 9am to 8pm (later for virtual golf bookings) Saturday - 9am to 5pm Sunday - Appointment only

What brands do you stock?

We stock all of the major manufacturers including - - Titleist - Callaway - Ping - Cobra - Taylormade - Mizuno - Sirxon We hold all of the stock shafts plus numerous others to help assist with finding you the right shaft and head combination. We even have Exotic shafts for all of the golfers interested in finding that perfect shaft.

What Shafts do you Stock?

At Perth Golf Centre our club fittings cater for all level of golfer. The range of shafts we stock is one of the most extensive in Australia with everything from Senior Flex through the X Flex for the big hitter. We are always updating our shaft range and looking to provide you with the best range possible. Below is a list of the shafts we currently stock. IRONS - Dynamic Gold S300 - Dynamic Gold XP - AMT White - AMT Black - AMT Red - KBS - KBS Tour - KBS $ Taper - KBS C-Taper - KBS MAX - Project X - Project X LZ - True Temper - Modus - NS Pro - Catylst - Ventus Blue WOODS - More Exotic Shafts Coming Soon! - Graphite Design Tour AD DI-6 - Graphite Design Tour AD IZ-6 - Graphite Design Tour AD XC-6 - Project X Hzrdus Smoke Green - Project X Hzrdus Smoke Black - Project X Hzrdus Smoke Yellow - Project X Hzrdus Smoke RDX - Even Flow Riptide / Small Batch - Tensei Blue - Tensei Orange - Tensei White - Motore - Ventus Blue - Diamana Blue - Diamana Red - Diamana Black - Mitsubishi Chemical Kuro Kage - Alta CB - Helium - Ping Tour So if you're looking for the best club fitting in Perth at the best prices, make sure you get in touch.

Do you use universal shaft adaptors?

That's a great question! We are currently in the process of installing universal shaft adaptors on our driver shafts to provide you the customer with more shafts options. This will be completed in mid 2021 and we will also be adding in numerous exotic shafts for the golfer wanting to improve their game with tour proven shafts. Perth Golf Centre will be adding in universal adaptors to fairway woods, hybrids, driving irons and irons in the future. Stay tuned for this.

Can we try clubs on the range?

As we are located at the prestigous Western Australian Golf Club, we have full access to their driving range. The range however is short, but most golfers will be able to test irons on the driving range if they wish.