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Club Fitting

at Perth Golf Centre

At Perth Golf Centre, you will be treated to the ultimate custom golf club fitting experience, conducted in our state-of-the-art Performance Golf Centre. Golfers will have the opportunity to experience the same custom club and ball fitting process that the best players in the world rely on to improve their game.

"Professional Custom Golf Club Fitting Just Like the Pros"

With the assistance of Trackman 4, Capto and Mizuno PFS Technology, our PGA Professionals can measure everything including ball speed, launch angles, spin rates, dynamic loft, carry and total distance plus much more. Not only will you be able to see your results in real time, you will have the data to confirm that your custom fitted golf clubs are the best option for your individual swing. With a proper golf club fitting on your side, you’ll have the confidence to take your game to the next level.

What custom golf club fitting options are available at Perth Golf Centre? Check them all out below.

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Full Custom Golf Club Fitting Experience

This extensive process runs over 2.5 hours. We cover your entire golf bag including irons, wedges, hybrids, fairway woods, driver and putter. We review the data from all of your clubs and work towards finding the best set makeup to suit your current parameters and skill level. Custom golf clubs suited to your game!

Titleist TSR2 Fairway Wood.jpg

Fwy & Hybrid Fitting Experience

Our custom fairway wood and hybrid fitting experience takes you through a range of different options from all of the major manufacturers. We will assess your current clubs and with the help of Trackman 4 technology, find the right combination of head and shaft to ensure you get the best performance and distance gapping from your clubs.

Custom Driver Fitting Experience

Our customised driver fitting sessions takes you through a variety of different heads and shafts from the major manufacturers to ensure you get the correct fit to improve your driving. You now also have the ability to try out exotic driver shafts to get that additional feel and performance you've always dreamed of.

2 Ball TT.jpg

Iron Fitting Experience

Perth Golf Centre has all of the heads from the major manufacturers to utilise during our fitting sessions. We also have countless shaft options to ensure you get the correct head, shaft, length and lie angles on your new set of irons.

By utilising the Mizuno PFS Software along side our TrackMan 4 data, you know that your custom irons are going to be suited to your game and help you hit the ball closer to the hole!

Mizuno Pro 221 Irons.jpg
Titleist SM9 Wedge_edited.jpg

Wedge Fitting Experience

Custom wedge fitting has come along way over the years with different head types, bounces, grinds and shafts.  At Perth Golf Centre we use our extensive wedge fitting kit with adjustable shafts to gather data on our Trackman 4 Technology then take you on our short game area to discover your chipping and bunker techniques to ensure you have the correct wedges for your game.  

Putter Fitting Experience

Did you now we have a brand new state of the art indoor putting studio and extensive outdoor putting green at Perth Golf Centre? With these facilities, we utilise technology such as Trackman 4, and Capto to determine the correct length, lie angle, loft, hosel insert, head design and grip for your new custom built putter.  We can even make adjustments to your own putter if required with our putter lie / loft machine. With the extensive putting green situated outside our front door and all the major brands including Odyssey, Ping , Taylormade, Mizuno and Scotty Cameron, we'll get you fitted into the best putter to improve your scores.

Golf Ball Fitting Experience

Our customised Golf Ball Fitting sessions take place in our comfortable indoor studio. We cater for both left and right handed golfers and utilise Trackman 4 Technology to provide data in the fitting process.

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