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at Perth Golf Centre

Are you serious about improving your game and want to practice in a safe, secure environment that isn't affected by the weather? Do you want get accurate information on what is happening with your swing to ensure you're making the correct adjustments? Well, why spend your time hitting balls without knowing what you're doing right or wrong?


At Perth Golf Centre, you can practice with the same technology the PGA Professionals use on Tour, located in the heart of Perth!

At Perth Golf Centre we offer 2 indoor bays with Trackman 4 technology, all available to the public to use 7 days per week!

Our studio is situated at the incredible Western Australian Golf Club and provides you with all of the tools you need to improve your game.  

Monthly Golf Coaching
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What to expect when you arrive

When you book a Trackman practice session you will be greeted by one of the friendly staff members at PGC. They will take you down to your own reserved bay and sign you in or create a profile on our Trackman Studio.

(Note it's always good to download the Trackman app as well, to keep all your data in one place and make it easier to login at the studio)

Once you're setup, they will run you through some basic information on the system and show you how to change clubs, toggle between screens, view videos, see impact location and of course, where you need to place the ball so Trackman reads the data. 

You will have access to all of the features on Trackman including the driving range (shot analysis), testing section, on course practice and even fun games to finish off the session. You even have the ability to see videos after every swing from 3 different angles. How good is that!

So you're ready to book your Trackman practice session? Check out the info below on pricing and click the book now to reserve your spot.

Trackman Practice Sessions


Trackman Practice Session

30 Minutes


Trackman Practice Session

1 Hour



So what are you waiting for? If you're looking to improve your game, book your session today.


Trackman Practice Sessions
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