Welcome to your golf improvement journey.

Here at Perth Golf Centre we have 7 qualified PGA Professionals providing instruction at our state-of-the-art indoor Trackman studios with two indoor hitting bays, each fitted with Trackman 4 Technology. We also boast an extensive outdoor teaching area including a driving range located at the Western Australian Golf Club, an incredible short game and pitching area with bunkers and one of Perth's top club fitting programs with all of the major manufacturers. 

Perth Golf Centre is dedicated to helping golfers improve, not matter their age or ability. We teach every aspect of the game—physical and mental—and are rapidly becoming known as one of the finest indoor golf centres in Australia. We welcome golfers of all skill levels, from beginners to PGA Tour Level and are here to help with every aspect in your golfing journey.

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monthly coaching



We have a large range of indoor and outdoor golf lessons on offer in Perth which are detailed below

*Outdoor lessons only available at Perth Golf Centre Yokine*

indoor trackman studios
Yokine & Joondalup

1 Hour Lesson - Indoor




1 Hour private lesson in our indoor golf studio with Trackman Technology.

Club Fitting Session

$75.00 to $199.00



With a variety of fitting options available to can spend time being fitted by one of our PGA Professionals with Trackman Technology. This ensures that you will get the best clubs possible for your game.

Trackman Combine


The TrackMan Combine is a test that not only enables you to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your golf game, but allows you to compete with other golfers around the world.

Find out more details here


Distance Charting


Have you ever wondered how far your clubs travel? This is an aspect in most golfers game that is overlooked and extremely important. Come in and use our Trackman studio to find out your averages and use it to improve your game today. 

Trackman Practice Session

$25.00 per 30 minutes


Come into the studio for some private hitting time with full Trackman launch monitor access. These sessions can be booked in 30 minute blocks.


Pre Round Warm Up




Too hot or cold to warm up on the range? Or do you just want to get dialled in prior to your round? Easy fix! Enjoy using Trackman for a quick pre-round warm up session whilst being provided with full Trackman data and videos.

1 Hour Lesson - Outdoor




1 Hour lesson outdoors with one of our qualified PGA Professionals on the driving range, chipping area or putting green.

outdoor golf
yokine only


30 Minute Lesson - Oudoor




30 Minute lesson outdoors with one of our qualified PGA Professionals on the driving range, chipping area or putting green.

30 Minute Lesson - Outdoor





30 Minute lesson outdoors with one of our qualified PGA Professionals on the driving range, chipping area or putting green.

Playing Lesson

+ $35.00 for non members



Play and learn on the golf course with a PGA Member closely analysing your game. The session focuses on areas such as strategy, course management, visual techniques and pre shot routine.
This session is usually conducted on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, as the course is quieter. Contact us for more information.

1 day golf school





Frequently asked questions

How much do golf lessons cost?

The cost of golf lessons vary depending on the experience of the PGA Golf Professional, facility, location and technology available. The prices at Perth Golf Centre start at $70 for a 30-minute lesson and $135 for a 1-hour lesson. Most clients at our facility sign up to our packages and programs to help further their progress, lower the ongoing cost of the lessons and receive added incentives.

Depending on the package purchased, they can include lessons, TPI screenings, practice plans, Trackman practice sessions and range balls for WAGC members

Is it worth getting golf lessons?

Golf is one of the most difficult games to learn. With numerous different aspects, it’s a never-ending journey to improve achieve your goals. By seeing a qualified PGA Professional to improve your game, it is one of the best investments you could make in this process. They are skilled at analysing your technique and discovering what areas of your game need improvement to help you play your best golf.

If you’ve never played golf before and want to get into the game, it is always suggested to come see and PGA Professional in a one on one setting or in a group environment such as a golf clinic. They can get you started on the right path and on track to hit the ball more consistently and understand the intricacies of the game.

What can I expect from my first golf lesson?

At Perth Golf Centre you will be asked to complete a “Client Form” when you arrive, which outlines your golfing history, areas you’d like to improve, injuries and goals for the future. The PGA Professional will then sit down and chat with you about the information, and decide upon a starting point for the lesson.

You will then warm up in one of our state of the art Trackman bays and hit a variety of clubs in the process. The goal is to gather data on your swing to find any details that stand out to assist in the teaching process. Our Trackman bays have 3 high speed videos cameras running constantly which will be used to show you any areas that need to be adjusted and improved. The Trackman software allows us to provide side by side comparisons to Tour Professionals if required, to give you the understanding of positions or movements that we are looking at trying to emulate.

Perth Golf Centre has a variety of training aids at its disposal, which can be used during a golf lesson. Depending on the swing change required, the PGA Professional may use these training aids, our mirrors, camera footage, Trackman data and demonstration to ensure that you understand the change required.

After working on the swing changes, the PGA Professional will then show you the progress through ball flight, Trackman data and /or video comparison. The lesson will either continue on the same path, other adjustments and changes will be made or you may work on a different aspect for the remainder of the lesson such as chipping or putting.

To complete the lesson, the PGA Professional will send you through a voice over recap through Trackman, outlining the changes made and process moving forward. This way you’ll always have a reference of the adjustments if you need to refer back when you’re practicing. You can then see one of our administration teams to book in your follow up lessons and start practicing and improving your game.

What do I wear to a golf lesson?

This is a very common question that gets asked by beginner golfers. You generally see golfers wearing the latest golf gear and am sure you wonder if you need to go out and purchase everything before attending your golf lesson. We are happy to say that you do not. There are however a few items you should be wearing to abide by dress codes and also to make you feel comfortable. If you are having a lesson in our studio then you can wear anything that makes you comfortable. We suggest a collared shirt, golf shoes or sneakers, tailored shorts, pants or a golf skirt /skorts.

If you are having an outdoor lesson then we would suggest wearing a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses to help protect from the sun. As we are part of a private facility, when outdoors we do need to abide by the dress regulations set out by The Western Australian Golf Club. These dress regulations are below;

Male Dress Code
On the Course and Club Surrounds including Practice Facilities.

  • All shirts must be either collared or turtle neck golf shirts and worn tucked into trousers.
  • Tailored shorts with a belt are permitted but are to be worn with predominately white socks which are visible above the shoe line.
  • Trousers and shorts must be tailored type with a fly.
  • Socks are to be worn with long trousers but may be coloured.
  • Regulation golf shoes (soft spikes only) must be worn on the course. Sandals, jogging shoes and tennis shoes are not regarded as golf attire.

Female Dress Code
On the Course and Club Surrounds including Practice Facilities.

  • Golf attire should be neat, tidy and appropriate at all times and reflect the weather conditions for the occasion.
  • Shirts must be tucked in unless specifically designed to be worn out and have a collar. Sleeveless collared golf shirts, turtle and polo neck shirts are permitted.
  • Tailored slacks, shorts, skirts, ¾ pants and leggings are acceptable.
  • Regulation golf shoes (soft spikes only) must be worn on the course with predominately white socks or coloured socks which coordinate with their golfing attire and are visible above the shoe line.
  • Sandals, jogging shoes and tennis type shoes are not regarded as golf attire.
If you would like some more details in relation to what you should wear, please feel free to contact our friendly staff members and they will be more than happy to assist you.

What do I bring to a golf lesson?

What a great question. There are no requirements to bring anything to your golf lesson, but below are some suggestions to assist with the process.

  • Golf Clubs – If you don’t have golf clubs, don’t buy them specifically for your first golf lesson. We can provide them for you at no charge and then discuss purchasing golf clubs that will be suitable for you in the future.
  • Statistics – This can be in written form from previous rounds or from any type of app that you may be using.
  • Water Bottle
  • Sunscreen – This is available at PGC if required.
  • Golf gloves

And that’s all you need to bring! So come along, enjoy your lesson and the learning process in golf. We can’t wait to see you at PGC.

Do I require golf clubs to take a lesson?

Not at all.

At Perth Golf Centre, we have clubs suitable for every age, gender, height, and skill level, plus provide them at no charge during your golf lesson.

If you are a beginner golfer, we would generally suggest holding off purchasing a set of clubs specifically for a golf lesson. During the session, we can provide you with details of what would be required going forward which may only be a few clubs or package set to get you underway.

How many golf lessons should a beginner take?

This is a very interesting question and varies on the person taking the golf lessons. Golf is a complex sport with numerous different areas to learn. These include but are not limited to.

  • Golf swing
    • Irons
    • Woods
    • Driver
  • Pitching
  • Chipping
  • Bunkers
  • Putting
  • Course management
  • Golf rules and etiquette

As you can see, you don’t only need to learn the “golf swing” but “how” to play golf as well. By understanding that golf isn’t just full swing technique, you realise golf lessons are an ongoing process for which you will never stop learning about your own game.

To answer the question of how many lessons a beginner should take, we would suggest 6-10 lessons to get through the topics above. These wouldn’t be consecutive but taken over a period of time to allow the golfer the ability to practice the changes being made.

If price is a factor when it comes to golf lessons, then a clinic series is a great way to get some insight into each of these different areas. Clinics will generally start at the beginner level and progress through a series of stages, each one getting more in-depth in the above areas. At Perth Golf Centre we offer both individual lessons and clinics to cater for all golfers.

Can I teach myself golf?

Of course you can! There are many golfers out there that are self-taught and play at an excellent level. However, most golfers create bad habits when teaching themselves the movement patterns which causes compensations and swing faults. In our opinion, it is better to get the correct information to begin with and work on those changes to improve your game.