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Putter Fitting

at Perth Golf Centre

Capto & Trackman Technology

Our customised putter fitting sessions take place in our indoor studios and outdoors on our extensive putting green. We cater for both left and right handed golfers and utilise Trackman 4, and Capto Technology to provide data in the fitting process to ensure you get the best custom putter to suit your game.

What to Bring

When attending your Perth Golf Centre fitting make sure you bring along your current putter, golf shoes and wear comfortable golf clothing. Please show up 10 minutes prior to complete your client information form. 

Duration - 1 hour
Cost -$99.00

Fitting Process

We start by obtaining data from your current putting stroke by using either Trackman 4 or Capto technology.  After reviewing the data we will then gather a variety of different putters for comparison. We will then decide upon a head design and hosel insert, working our way towards finding the correct length and loft for your unique putting style.

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A putter fitting is a process in which a PGA Professional or club fitting specialist works with a golfer to find the most suitable putter for their game. During the fitting process, the specialist will evaluate a variety of factors such as the golfer's putting stroke, their preferences in terms of weight, length, grip, and head shape of the putter, and other technical aspects of the golfer's game. 
The goal of the fitting is to find the putter that will help the golfer make more putts and improv
e their overall putting performance. At Perth Golf Centre we conduct our putter fitting sessions in our sate of the art indoor putting studio with Capto Technology.


When you go for a putter fitting, you can expect the following:
1.    Interview and Assessment: Your club fitter will ask you questions about your putting style, preferences, and playing habits. They will also assess your putting stroke using Capto Technology to determine  a variety of different factors on your stroke including your club path, face angle, tempo, and impact position.

2.    Putter Selection: Based on your preferences and assessment, the fitter will recommend a variety of putters to try. You will typically hit putts with several different putters to compare feel and performance.

3.    Customisation: Once you have narrowed down your selection, the fitter may make adjustments to the putter such as changing the length, weight, or grip to suit your individual needs.

4.    Testing and Feedback: After the putter has been customised, you will test it again to see how it performs. The fitter may make additional adjustments until the putter feels comfortable and performs well.

5.    Purchase: Once you have found the right putter, you may purchase it or order a custom-built putter based on your fitting results.
Overall, a putter fitting is a personalised experience that can help you find the best putter for your game, improve your putting performance, and ultimately lower your scores on the course.


A putter fitting can be a valuable investment for golfers who want to improve their putting performance. Here are some reasons why a putter fitting may be worth paying for:

1.    Improved Performance: A properly fitted putter can help you make more putts and lower your scores on the course. By taking into account your individual putting style, preferences, and physical characteristics, a fitter can help you find a putter that works best for your game.

2.    Confidence: A putter fitting can give you confidence in your putting stroke and your equipment. Knowing that your putter is custom-fit for your game can help you feel more comfortable on the greens and make more confident strokes.

3.    Cost-Effective: While a putter fitting may cost money upfront, it can be a cost-effective investment in the long run. By improving your putting performance, you may avoid having to buy a new putter every season and reduce the need for stroke mechanic lessons rather focusing on lowering your putts per round and score overall.

4.    Personalised Experience: A putter fitting is a personalised experience that takes into account your unique needs and preferences. You will work with a fitter who will guide you through the process and help you find the best putter for your game.

Overall, a putter fitting can be a valuable investment for golfers who are serious about improving their putting performance. While it may cost money upfront, the benefits of improved performance, confidence, and cost-effectiveness can make it well worth it.
If you would like to get a putter fitting at Perth’s top club fitting destination, just click on the link below to organise a time with one of our qualified PGA Professionals and club fitters. 

Wondering what a Putter Fitting is? Check out the details below.

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