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with PGA Professional Danny Malcolm

Are you serious about improving your game? Do you want to reach your potential, play better, and reach your goals?


If so, then this is the program for you!


The Danny Malcolm Golf Academy has been designed to provide you with everything you need to improve your game. With one on one coaching, indoor practice sessions, online support plus much more, there is now no reason why you can't reach your targets and goals.

Read through the list below to see what's included in the program and get in touch to sign up. We will then set up a direct debit and get you started on the path to improving your game.

Monthly Golf Coaching



$299 per month

1 Hour Indoor Trackman or Outdoor Lesson (valued at $150) to enhance your skills and technique.

30 Minute Short Game Lesson at our state-of-the-art facility (valued at $80) to refine your short game proficiency.


UNLIMITED online swing reviews for check-ups between in-person sessions, ensuring you stay on the right path and avoid developing incorrect habits whilst practicing on your own (valued at $140)

24/7 Online Support via the Skillest app with responses within 24-48 hours, providing you with continuous guidance and assistance.

PRIORITY BOOKING TIMES FOR MONTHLY IN-PERSON COACHING CLIENTS, allowing you to schedule lessons conveniently.

30 minute Trackman indoor practice session at Perth Golf Centre (valued at $25) to fine-tune your skills using advanced technology.

Regular TPI Screening to assess movement and identify limitations which may affect your golf swing (valued at $79)

Personalised golf exercise program targeting your specific limitations, regularly updated based on your screening results.
Personalised practice plan featuring demonstration of drills and exercises tailored to fit around your work and family commitments (valued at $79).

Access to a mobile TPI training app consolidating all your golf exercises and practice plans in one place, enabling you to work on them anytime, anywhere.

Monthly goal setting, focus areas and Trackman tests to continuously challenge and monitor your progress.
Referrals to local TPI Certified Medical Professionals, if required, who collaborate closely with me to help you achieve

long-lasting results.

* $299 Per Month via recurring debit (3month minimum commitment is expected - cancel anytime after this).

Normally valued at $553 per month.
Please note: Lessons and practice sessions do not get carried over and must be used within each payment period.



(08) 6184 8819


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