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 Golf Trips and
Hosted Golf Tours with
Golfing Getaways

Playing golf and going on a holiday, is there anything better?


To assist you in bringing your golfing holiday to life, Perth Golf Centre has partnered with Golfing Getaways to bring you great golfing experiences around the world.

So what can Golfing Getaways do for you? We're glad you asked.

IGS has a history and reputation in helping golfers develop their perfect golf trip either with friends, family or even as a single golfer. Golfing Getaways specialises on golf tours in Perth and the South West of Western Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand and variety of Asian Countries including Bali, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. 

As Perth Golf Centre has now partnered together with Golfing Getaways, we will be developing a range of hosted Golf Tours around the world with our PGA Professionals as your hosts, tour guides and playing partners. You'll be able to visit some of the most prestigious and unique golf courses around the world while being accompanied by a PGA Professional that can give you information on how to improve your golf game and lower your scores, all while enjoying the local cuisine, history and sites.


If you have been wanting to organise your next golf trip but want to take the hassle out of planning, get in touch with Golfing Getaways today and make your dream golf trip a reality!

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