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Callaway Paradym Ai-Smoke Series

Prepare to elevate your golf game to unprecedented heights as you experience the fusion of cutting-edge technology and precision engineering of the Paradym Ai Smoke series. With an AI Smart Face that has been built based off over 250, 000 real, unique golf swings captured to find the most common pre-impact data of golfers. These new Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids, and Irons are sure to improve your game and precision!




Introducing the groundbreaking Paradym Ai Smoke Driver, the peak of Callaway's Ai evolution. The revolutionary Ai Smart Face in this new driver optimises performance from the analysis of thousands of real golfers’ swings. It also uses its Ai Smart Face technology to help optimise the launch and spin on off-centre shots, resulting in sweet spots all over the club face and not just in the centre. This unique swing code encompasses crucial factors such as swing speed, club delivery, and face orientation just before impact. By incorporating this wealth of data, the technology ensures optimal launch conditions and precise down-range dispersion, enhancing overall driver performance to unprecedented levels. Callaway have also enhanced 360° Carbon Chassis. The Chassis incorporates and internal titanium support structure (resulting in a 15% weigh reduction) which is strategically re-distributed in the head to enhance launch conditions and forgiveness.

With four driver types including the Ai-Smoke Max, Max D, Max Fast and Triple Diamond driver, there is a club for every type of golfer (available in a Women’s Max Fast version, Right Hand only. RRP $1069).

The Ai-Smoke Max features a forgiving shape as well as an adjustable perimeter weighting which can deliver up to 19 yards of shot shape correction (Up to 19 yards of shot shape correction Callaway claims is based on robot testing of Paradym Ai Smoke Max driver. Includes hosel adjustability). The Max Driver is ideal for any player from high handicap amateurs to tour professionals who want maximum distance and forgiveness with shot shape adjustability. Available in Right hand and Left Hand (RH/LH). RRP $1069.

The Max D Driver is ideal for players who wish to hit draws off the tee for a straighter drive. Built with high MOI, and a generously stretched profile at address, this driver is preferable for distance and forgiveness. Available in both RH/LH. RRP $1069.

The Ai-Smoke Max Fast driver is ideal for players with a slower swing speed who want high launch with light weight for an easy performance. Built with a high MOI, a generously stretched profile at address and a fixed hosel, plus rear weight for optimal distance, this driver is preferable to maximise distance and forgiveness for the lower swing speed players. Available in RH only. RRP $1069.

The Ai-Smoke Triple Diamond Driver is ideal for more advanced players who are looking for more practicality off the tee. This driver has a neutral to fade biased face progression and has a compact overall head size, ideal for those with a faster swing speed. Available in Both RH/LH. RRP $1069.



Introducing Callaway’s revolutionary Paradym Ai Smoke Fairway Woods—a significant advancement in Callaway's Ai journey. This latest collection of fairway woods enhances the Ai Smart Face, the most advanced Ai face in Callaway history, which utilises real player data and advanced machine learning to generate sweet spots across the entire face. With the integration of a tungsten speed cartridge, Callaway have strategically positioned the centre of gravity (CG) low and forward, ensuring optimal launch and spin for maximum distance. Experience the quantum leap in fairway technology for unparalleled performance.

The Callaway Ai-Smoke Fairway woods are available in four different models, including Ai-Smoke Max, Max D, Max Fast and Triple Diamond (Also available in Women’s Max Fast, Right Hand only. RRP $629).

The Paradym Ai-Smoke Max Fairway Wood is ideal for those who want consistent launch and a neutral ball flight. The Ai-Smoke Max is Callaway’s most complete Fairway Wood offering with progressive shaping optimal for every loft with a lower-spin bias. Available in RH/LH. RRP $629.

The Max D Fairway Wood is ideal for players who are aiming for a higher launch and want to reduce their slice. This club is Callaway’s most forgiving and highest launching fairway wood with a draw bias. Available in both RH/LH. RRP $629.

The Max Fast Fairway Wood is ideal for players with a lower swing speed who prefer a lightweight club with a draw bias for straighter shots. Available in RH only. RRP $629.

The Triple Diamond Fairway Wood is ideal for players with a faster swing speed who want a penetrating ball flight with lower spin for optimal distance and workability. Available in both RH/LH. RRP $629.





With the Paradym Ai Smoke, Ai Smoke HL and Ai Smoke Max Fast Irons being released, this series has irons suited to each type of swing speed to help players improve their game. These clubs have been engineered with a new dynamic sole design which features a pre-worn leading edge with variable bounce that cuts through turf with extreme efficiency, ensuring crisp contact on all shots, providing exceptional forgiveness. Engineered from the revolutionary AI Smart Face which produces a clubface that fosters optimal distance while ensuring a precise and compact dispersion pattern into the green, allowing for superior iron performance. 

Traditionally, longer club lengths promise an enhanced swing speed and greater distance which often lead to a compromise of control. Using an innovative Ai process, the Paradym, Ai-Smoke irons allow golfers to enjoy the distance advantages of ¼” longer mid and long irons without having to surrender precision on approach shots. The fusion of modern shaping and hollow-body construction seamlessly combines style and performance, offering a contemporary aesthetic with innovative features. This new design includes extended blade lengths, slender toplines, and optimized sole widths for a forgiving yet sleek appearance at address.

Iron models include the Ai-Smoke, Ai-Smoke HL and Ai-Smoke Max Fast, as well as the Women’s Ai-Smoke Max Fast Irons (available in RH only, RRP $289).

The Ai-Smoke is ideal for faster swinging players who typically hits the ball high and who’s looking for more distance and tighter dispersion. This club has a modern hollow body profile with high forgiveness. Available in RH/LH, Steel or Graphite. RRP $259-$289

The Ai-Smoke HL irons are ideal for players with a moderate to average swing speed who is looking to hit the ball higher to maximise carry distance. This club has a deep cavity back profile and has a higher forgiveness than the standard Ai-Smoke irons. Available in RH/LH. Steel or Graphite. RRP $259-$289.

The Ai-Smoke Max Fast irons are ideal for players with a slower to moderate swing speed who desire to increase the swing speed in order to maximise carry distance and hit the ball higher with more stopping power. This club has a deep cavity back with higher forgiveness than the Ai-Smoke irons. Available in RH only, Graphite. RRP $289.



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