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New Ping G730 and i530 irons!

“Distance to fit your game.”












The new G730 irons are Ping’s longest and most forgiving iron to date. The primary objective of the make of these irons was to create a club that maximises distance and is easy to hit.

By utilising advanced Hyper 17-4 stainless steel and precision heat treatment techniques, Ping have crafted a breakthrough iron design. By thinning the face and optimising the overall structure, they have achieved enhanced flexing and a lower centre of gravity (CG), resulting in higher-launching shots with increased ball speed and approximately five extra yards gained in distance.

The cavity-back design of the G730 irons incorporates Ping’s renowned PurFlex cavity badge, which enhances feel and produces a more powerful sound at impact. Innovative multiple flex zones enable greater bending freedom, boosting ball speed across the entire face for longer, more consistent results.

The G730 series is available from 5 iron through 9 iron, Pitching Wedge, U-Wedge, 50° and 56° wedges. Ping’s wedges feature precision-machined faces and grooves to provide added control and consistent performance in all conditions. Custom-engineered lofts are designed to maximise distance while optimising distance gaps, and fitters can fine-tune performance further with options for power and retro spec lofts.

For precision tuning, the tungsten toe screws and shaft tip weights allow for precise swing weight adjustments. The investment-cast design incorporates a larger head, increased offset, and wider sole to elevate the moment of inertia (MOI) in both axes, significantly boosting forgiveness for improved stability and accuracy in this premium game-improvement iron design.

The Ping G730 irons stock shaft is the True Temer Dynamic Gold Mid 100, which is available in multiple flexes, as well as the Dynamic Gold Mid 115 with no extra up-charge cost.

The G730 irons are available in left hand and right hand (LH/RH) in both steel and graphite shafts, with RRP for steel being $350 per club, and $380 for graphite. These clubs are available from April 5th and are available for fittings in-store at PGC now.

i530 irons

Continuing the legacy of player's distance clubs, Ping has introduced a new design featuring a forged, highly flexible maraging steel C300 face meticulously welded to a 17-4 stainless steel hollow body. This innovative construction allows for enhanced face bending, resulting in significant distance gains. The hollow body amplifies face bending to generate faster ball speeds and increased distance, while optimised lofts ensure maximum height and stopping power on greens. These irons appeal to the golfer whose primary goal is to increase distance but who also rely on the precision of a players-style iron. 

For enthusiasts of blade-style clubs, Ping’s compact head design boasts a thin top line, narrow sole, and shallow face height for a sleek appearance and exceptional performance. A premium look is achieved through a novel machining technique that thins the back wall, reducing weight to enhance forgiveness and tighten dispersion.

The i530’s are equipped with precision milled MicroMax grooves, featuring tighter spacing and more grooves to deliver consistent launch and spin in all conditions, ultimately improving your scores. A lower centre of gravity (CG) precisely aligns with impact locations, and strategically placed polymer within the head enhances feel, sound, and maximises face bending and ball speed.

Fine-tuning your swing weight is effortless with tungsten toe screws and shaft tip weights, offering customisation to suit your preferences. This new design represents the perfect blend of technology, craftsmanship, and performance for the modern golfer seeking optimal distance and control on every shot.


The i530 irons are available in 4 iron to Pitching Wedge, and U-Wedge. Available in both RH/LH, the i530’s have an option of either steel or graphite shafts, with RRP for steel being $380 and for graphite, $410. These irons will be available April 5th and are available in-store for club fittings at PGC now!


Book in at PGC for an iron fitting here!

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