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The All New Vokey SM10 Wedges

New Titleist SM10 wedges!

Sharpen your short game with the all-new Vokey Design SM10 Wedges!Introducing the latest Vokey SM10 Wedges, meticulously crafted to enhance your game with a refined design for a controlled, lower flight, improved feel, and maximum spin. The SM10 family boasts six tour-proven sole grinds; S, F, M, K, T, and Z, providing versatility for golfers seeking precision in their short game. Featuring a comprehensive selection of 25 unique loft, bounce, and grind combinations, these wedges are tailored to complement every golfer's swing, enhancing creativity around the greens. The incorporation of a new progressive centre of gravity placement ensures a lower and controlled trajectory, promoting tighter dispersion from the lowest to highest lofted clubs. Moreover, the Vokey patented Spin Milled process has undergone refinements, resulting in a higher and more consistent spin result. The TX9 grooves are individually cut based on loft and finish, then treated with high-frequency heat to maximize durability. 

SM10 Technology


Improved Flighting and Feel

Experience a lower, more aggressive ball flight paired with an exceptionally solid impact feel. Along with an adjustment in the Centre of Gravity, these SM10 wedges help to enhance control and stability, instilling greater confidence in every shot. The Centre of Gravity is strategically lowered, facilitating a seamless transition from the iron set, and ensuring more consistent distance gapping. Positioned closer to the centre of the face, the Centre of Gravity eliminates excessive draw movement, providing a solid feel, a refinement inspired by Tour player feedback and rigorous testing.


Ultimate Shot Versatility

With six different tour proven soles (S, F, M, K, T and Z) and 25 unique loft bounce and grind combinations, you can find the perfect combination in each wedge for each unique swing.  The SM10 wedges will equip you with the right tools to meet the demands of every aspect of the course with the perfect combination of grinds to ensure flawless contact and unparalleled versatility.

Optimal Spin Performance

The new TPX9 grooves on the SM10 wedges are precisely cut and undergo a thorough 100% inspection for unparalleled quality and performance to optimise spin. As well as a heat treatment applied to the impact area to double the durability of the grooves.


Club Finishes

Choose from a range of finishes, including Tour Chrome, Nickel, Jet Black, and Raw, with SM10 Wedges. Tailor the look to suit your preferences and elevate your game.

Elevate your wedge game with the superior performance and innovation embodied in the Vokey SM10 Wedges. Experience the pinnacle of performance with Vokey Design SM10 wedges – where precision, spin, and confidence converge.

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