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Check Out The New Taylormade Qi10 Range

What is 10K MOI?


In simpler terms, increased MOI – Motion of Inertia, equates to enhanced forgiveness. It’s the measure of an object's resistance to change during its rotation. It's all about stability and forgiveness at impact. Higher MOI helps minimise head rotation during off-centre hits, preserving ball speed on mishits and ensuring more consistent launch conditions. This quantifiable forgiveness is a key attribute of the Qi10 Max driver, which achieves an impressive combined total MOI of 10,000 g-cm² (10K). This accomplishment is made possible through the utilisation of advanced lightweight materials, a redesigned head shape, and strategic mass placement.





Taylormade’s aim with the Qi10 family was to create highly forgiving drivers by utilising advanced multi-material constructions to increase MOI. The Qi10 drivers are designed for a balanced blend of distance and forgiveness, boasting a lower centre of gravity (CG) projection and higher MOI for enhanced performance without compromise.


The key features of the Qi10 include the new Infinity Carbon Crown, covering 97% of the crown area to strategically redistribute mass and improve forgiveness while also offering a sleek appearance with subtle alignment cues.

This third generation 60X Carbon Twist Face ensures improved energy transfer with a lighter face, which results in better ball speeds and performance even on off-centre strikes.

Additionally, Qi10 incorporates proven TaylorMade technologies such as the 4° loft sleeve for loft and face angle adjustments and the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket for preserving ball speed on low-face strikes. Taylormade has released the Qi10 driver in three different models – Qi10, Qi10 Max, and Qi10 LS.

The Qi10 Max Driver achieves the highest combined inertia (MOI) ever seen in TaylorMade history, reaching an impressive 10,000 g/cm. Its expanded address size not only increases head size, but it also pushes mass towards the perimeter, further enhancing MOI. This larger address size also offers a reassuring and confidence-inspiring appearance suitable for golfers of all levels. With a mid-high launch, mid spin, and neutral flight bias, the Qi10 Max delivers a versatile performance on the course. Available in both Right Hand and Left Hand (RH/LH). RRP $1019. 


The Qi10 boasts a lower CG projection and higher MOI compared to the Stealth 2, making it the ideal choice for golfers in search of the perfect balance between distance and forgiveness. With a slightly larger address size and the sleek appearance of the Infinity Carbon Crown, it encourages confidence in golfers of all skill levels. Strategically engineered to optimise distance and improve forgiveness, this driver is designed to elevate players' performance on the course. This driver has mid-high launch with a mid-low spin and a neutral flight bias. Available both RH/LH. RRP $1019.


The Qi10 LS Driver features a lower CG projection and high MOI, catering to golfers with higher club head speeds who desire an unparalleled, low spin performance. Strategically engineered to minimise spin and improve workability without sacrificing stability, the LS driver offers an exceptional combination of performance attributes. This driver has mid-launch and low spin with an adjustable flight bias. Available in both RH/LH. RRP $1119.



Introducing the Qi10 fairways—a perfect balance of TaylorMade speed and forgiveness, both off the tee and the deck. Popular among Tour players and amateurs alike, the Qi10 Fairway delivers complete performance with a precision CG location for high launch and low spin. The new Infinity Carbon Crown provides a sleek look at address while optimising club performance by shifting weight lower in the clubhead for enhanced inertia and confidence-inspiring ball speed. The Twist Face incorporated in these woods uses corrective face angles designed to overcome inherent golfer tendencies on mis-hits and to produce straighter shots. Incorporating proven TaylorMade technologies like the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket and laser etched topline, the Qi10 Fairway ensures increased speed on low-face shots and consistently accurate alignment. Taylormade have released the new series in 3 different models, Qi10, Qi10 Max and Qi10 Tour. The Qi10 has a mid-high launch and mid-low spin with a neutral flight bias. Available in both RH/LH, RRP $599. The Qi10 Max has a high launch with mid spin and a neutral flight bias. Available in both RH/LH, RRP $599. The Qi10 Tour fairway wood has an additional 50g sliding weight and is slightly more compact in size than the other fairway woods which provides the optimal blend of forgiveness and versatility. This Tour wood has mid launch with adjustable spin and a neutral flight bias. Available RH/LH, RRP $739.


Adding to the set of Taylormade’s newest range is the Qi10 Rescue—a powerful combination of TaylorMade speed and forgiveness, designed to effortlessly replace long irons. Versatile and forgiving, the Qi10 Rescue features innovative elements like the V Steel™ sole and Thru-Slot Speed Pocket for optimised performance in diverse playing conditions. With multiple loft options available, it offers adaptability to suit various player preferences and bag setups. The larger carbon crown enhances forgiveness by strategically redistributing mass for easier launches, while the split weight design, featuring a deep 450SS face and internal heel-toe weighting, maximises speed and durability across the clubface. The three rescues included in the range are the Qi10, Qi10 Max and Qi10 Tour. The Qi10 rescue has mid-high launch and mid-low spin, with a neutral flight bias. Available in both RH/LH, RRP $499. The Qi10 Max has a high launch with mid spin and a neutral flight bias. Available in both RH/LH, RRP $499. The Qi10 Tour rescue has a mid-high launch with mid-low spin and a neutral flight bias. Available RH/LH, RRP $539.




Emphasising the importance of straight distance, Taylormade’s new Qi irons are meticulously crafted to eliminate frustrating fades and guide your shots confidently towards the target. Unlike other game improvement irons that may favour a right miss, the new Qi Irons prioritise precision and control for optimal performance.


Through an Integrated Design System, featuring organic face geometries, Cap Back Design, and the Speed Pocket, each iron head is optimised to ensure ideal gapping, exemplary ball speeds, and consistently straighter shots across the set. Engineered with Cap Back Design, the Qi10 irons combine the benefits of hollow-body construction with traditional cavity back design, while HYBRAR Echo Dampers minimise vibrations for a satisfying sound and feel.


Additionally, the Forward Lowered Centre of Gravity (FLTD CG) strategically places the centre of gravity (CG) lowest in the long irons and gradually shifts higher throughout the set. This design enhances launch and playability in long irons while providing increased control in the scoring clubs. The new irons are available in two models, the Qi irons, and Qi HL irons.


The Qi Iron stands out in game improvement irons by combating the common tendency for a right miss, offering straighter shots through the set. Tailored to each iron, Taylormade’s Patented face technology controls flexibility of the face to eliminate "cut" spin. With individual head optimization, the design focuses on maximum distance and forgiveness, ensuring straight, consistent shots with precise launch and spin. The Qi Iron's shaping prioritises consistent contact and a larger sweet spot, enhancing forgiveness and promoting higher launch for consistent performance. The Qi irons have a high launch with mid spin and a straight flight bias. Available in both RH/LH for steel and Graphite, RRP steel $269, Graphite $299.


The new Qi HL irons (Higher and Lighter) follow the same bias and objectives as the standard Qi irons when it comes to a straighter shot bias and eliminating the fade (“cut”) shape as a forgiving shot. The HL irons are designed with weaker lofts and an ultralight component package which is perfect for players who will benefit from an increased club head speed and higher launch to help optimise carry distance and accuracy. These clubs have high launch with a mid-high spin and a straight flight bias. Available in both RH/LH for steel and graphite. RRP steel $269, graphite $299.

The whole Qi10 series is now available at Perth Golf Centre for you to try during your next fitting!


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