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New Taylormade Driving Irons

Introducing Taylormade’s newest line of driving irons – the P.UDI and P.DHY irons!

Taylormade's latest innovations, the P.UDI and P.DHY driving irons, are here to elevate your game with exceptional performance and versatility. Whether you're seeking piercing trajectory or maximum adaptability, these new irons are designed to optimise the top end of your bag for golfers of all skill levels.

Both irons feature advanced engineering to deliver unparalleled performance. With thick-thin back wall construction, a sound stabilisation bar, and precisely distributed mass, each iron is meticulously crafted to maximise forgiveness. Every gram is strategically placed to achieve specific performance goals, ensuring a premium forged feel.

These irons are designed for effortless launch, increased forgiveness, and enhanced consistency. The new internal weighting structure, combined with proven technologies such as the forged 4140 face, Speed Pocket™, and up to 26 grams of tungsten, ensures that you can achieve optimal performance with every swing.



The Taylormade P.UDI irons feature a tour-inspired shape, offering a playable and balanced look at address. Designed with a strategically positioned centre of gravity (CG), these irons provide a penetrating ball flight with optimal backspin, perfect for players who demand precision shot-making with long irons.

With a mid-low launch and mid spin, the P.UDI irons excel both off the tee and from the fairway. They are also effective for shots out of the rough, making them a more ideal choice than the P.DHY in such conditions. These irons are available in a 2 and 3 iron for both right-hand and left-hand golfers, and a 4-iron is available for right-hand golfers only. The RRP for these clubs are $429.



The Taylormade P.DHY irons are designed with a shallower face height, increased sole width, and longer blade length, making them exceptionally forgiving and versatile for long iron play. Featuring a low centre of gravity (CG), these irons deliver a mid-high launch and mid spin, ideal for achieving consistent performance.

With their mid-high launch and mid spin characteristics, the P.DHY irons excel on tee shots, providing golfers with reliable distance and control. These irons are available in a 2, 3, and 4 iron for both right-hand and left-hand golfers. The RRP for these clubs are $429.

Book in a fitting to try out these new irons here!

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