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How can using less clubs improve your game?

Updated: May 21, 2021

Have you ever wondered how Tour Professionals hit those miraculous shots over or under trees? How they shape the ball around an obstacle and still end up close to the pin? Skill does play part, but you also need to practice these types of shots.

My goal to improve your development is to start changing the way your practice. I want you to break the mould and start adding variety into your sessions to give you the ability to improve your touch and feel around the course.

These practice changes can be anything from trying to hit your 7 iron 60m, 100m and 150m or trying to hit your driver with draws and fades. It may seem irrelevant that you need to do this, but remember golf is not a game of perfect. When you’re on course, you’ll encounter all different types of situations that require the full extent of your imagination. By practicing with variety, it will arm you with the ability to hit shots on course that will leave your playing partners speechless.

Now I’ve got a task for you!

I want you to head to the course for a practice round with only 3 clubs and a putter. Yes you heard correctly. Only 3 clubs! This may sound unusual, but it will force you hit shots that you wouldn’t normally play. It is designed to get you out of your comfort zone and start thinking outside the box.

A lot of players get stuck in a rut, hitting the same shots on the same course, week in, week out. Variety is the spice of life and although you may find this concept a little daunting at first, you will start to develop a skill set that you never previously had.

After a few practice rounds with your half set, next time you’re on course with a full set, you’ll have additional shots in the bag that can help get the ball closer to the hole. You won’t have to rely on the stock standard approach anymore and your scorecard will love you for it.

Have fun practicing!

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