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Trackman Tracy AI Technology

How often are you practicing at the driving range wondering what it is you need to change to improve your game? Do you hit an entire bucket of balls working on numerous different aspects, only to find that your swing has gotten worse? Well no more do you need to struggle with Trackman’s latest feature.

Trackman has now release new technology called Tracy AI. This ground-breaking technology utilising Artificial Intelligence analyses the details of your swing and informs you what you need to change to improve your ball flight and consistency.

How is this done?

Firstly, head down to Perth Golf Centre for an indoor Trackman practice session which are booked in 30 minute or 1-hour blocks. You will then select your club and hit shots until Tracy tells you she has enough data to determine the area that requires improvement. Tracy then cross references you data with over 500 million shots in the Trackman Database to outline what aspect of your swing or impact you'll be working on.

Tracy provides you with certain parameters to work within that makes your practice session much more specific and realistic. Skill levels are also taken into account so the less experienced golfers have a wider corridor to work within when making these changes.

The best thing about Trackman’s new Tracy AI feature, is that it can be used with any club in the bag and you can switch between the feature, the driving range and on course simulation to put the changes into different practice situations.

Tracy is an invaluable resource in the Trackman line-up. It makes practice more realistic and satisfying for players as you can track your improvements in real time.

For more information on Trackman Tracy AI technology feel free to visit the Trackman Website on the link below.

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